Part 2 - on up to date info + transparency

Are you alive?

With the web world filled with dynamic sites like Facebook, Twiter, blogs, and live webcasts, people now are taken back by sites that just sit and don't do much. Ten years ago that was normal. Now days there are multiple ways to get in contact with people instantly on the web. Most companies now have twitter accounts and are readily available to spout out their latest news and answer questions. It's becoming a bigger and bigger part of our world so much so that people now (and especially in the coming years) wonder what's up with someone who doesn't have any new content on their website. Do they exist anymore? Are they alive?


Tell me what you're doing

A key question people have when they visit a website is, who are you, or what do you do? This often is found in the about pages, or services pages. And though these may help explain what you do, it may not be enough for the average web surfer now days. People want to get an idea of what type of people run the company, who they are, and how they work. Because we're constantly being fed this information from so many other sources, it's just normal. It's something that web-surfers crave (like I often crave arnold palmers), and it's also an invaluable tool to be able to give someone insight into who you are or what your company does.


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