A bit of silence, a bit of change

I haven't been too active here. One new website posted in the last 6 months, and not too many blog posts. I also had a sweet e-newsletter going for a few months. Then the tides turned and everything stopped. I am alive, and still coding and designing, among other things. Just not as much under Bizzark. I've been doing majority of my work under a few other local companies, which is why everything here kind of came to a halt. I decided to step back off the stressful pursuit of marketing myself and let other people feed me the work. Much more fun. Unfortunately I don't think I can post any of the fun stuff I have been working on (A ton of Wordpress websites, some RoR apps, a bit of Flash, and some other random stuff..). 

That being said, the work area will probably be continue being pretty lifeless for a while.  But I have some hopes to start some more miscellaneous blog posts. To be continued...

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