It's been a while

Ja, ich habe etwas nicht in eine weile hier getan. That's german for I haven't done anything here in a while (...and I'm learning German). We'll see where the German thing goes—and this blog post / website for that matter. Shortly after I revamped and rethought this website for frelance business I started doing more contract work and moved into full time positions. I didn't keep close attention to the website after that since I didn't want to draw many people to it (wasn't looking for more freelance). 

That said, at some point I should rework the website to be less geared towards that, and more geared towards what I'm doing as a programmer, wherever I'm at. So, for the time being, I may touch base every so often just to give some insight into the zeros and ones in my brain (or the programming side of my thought life). 

Sprechen Ihnen bald (talk to you soon)!

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