Triangles and Unicorns

Time for an upgrade. I decided it was time to stop running my rails site on my old Apache servers and move them over to modernity. Which means Rackspace + nginx + unicorn. Typically I've been deploying new rails apps with Passenger and nginx/Apache. I decided to try our Unicorn to get some experience with it. Plus the name is cool. Plus Github uses it. And now I can finally say my site is run by unicorns. 

In addition to the unicorns, I did a bit of a redesign. I was just going to do a bit of a re-write to gear this more towards myself as a developer, instead of promoting the LLC. But, one thing led to another and I decided it was time to clean some things up. I upgraded from Rails 2.3.10 to 3.2.8, added some new Capistrano wizardry, changed some of the layouts to use HAML, and switched over to SASS to manage the CSS. Oh, and I also moved to TypeKit to make better use of Futura (my fav). 

The home page is a bit of a throwback to my original Bizzark website I built back in 2008. It was a small Actionscript masterpiece. That was the first time I made use of triginomotry in the real world. Some practical applications of that goofy sin/cos/tan junk you learn in Highschool and never understood why (checkout the code on github). People who make 3d engines must be true math wizards. 

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