Migrating to Jekyll

I decided to move my site from Rackspace to Jekyll. I rarely need to update the code, and static files are much more efficient than running DB calls through my old rails CMS every hit. Going lean and green. Jekyll is a static site generator built in Ruby. It has it's own setup conventions for pages and posts. You run a command and, poof--static site files. I'm hosting it on Github so I'll be able to get rid of my Rackspace account and host for free. Pretty nifty system. I'm enjoying the workflow so far. I've also converted my personal Wordpress site over to Jekyll as well so I'll be using it quite a bit.

This will be the third version of this site (see the original 2008 version here. The first was a fun flash design, the second was using a custom rails CMS I used for myself and clients, and now Jekyll---same basic design I just removed some old pages and simplified the home page.

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